Jim's Law

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"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

Gerald Ford

1. Only one Party representative from each state. This eliminates a majority and forces parties to work together.

2. No more than two consecutive 4 year terms - Retirement pay is half their annual salary, if they complete two consecutive terms; if only one term is served then only a quarter of their annual salary. If they do not complete out a full term, nothing. - After their second consecutive term they must remain out of office for 6 consecutive years before running for office again. - If they run for office for a third or more term and are elected to another term, their retirement is not increased, or provided any additional benefits in conjunction with their first or second term in office.

3. All rules, regulations, laws, etc. passed that affects the American populace also apply to members of the Congress and the Senate, no acceptations.

4. All future bills to be voted on must stand on their own, no adding additional packages to get approved. If that means they have 1,000 individual bills they must all be voted on individually. I don't give a shit if it takes them 368 days to do it, that's their job...if they don't like it...resign and forfeit all pay and allowances, or don't run for office.

5. All budgets must be passed 90 days before the start of the new FY or senate and congress forfeits 15% of their pay for each 30 days budgets are not passed.

6. All future furloughs of Federal Government Civilians will include no less than 50% of the Senate and no less than 50% of Congress, to be determined randomly by electronic lottery balls. Each representative is issued a number by state entrance into the union, if that number is drawn they fall into the furlough, and all furlough rules apply. - During this period of Furlough no bills will be voted on other than the bill which initiated the furlough.

7. Each representative is required to provide their state voters a written report on the reasoning behind on all their votes concerning all bills up for vote. This report is due to the state voters semi-annually. - First Offence, Failure to provide the report is an automatic 7 day suspension from work without pay and no possibility of taking leave. - Second Offence, 30 days suspension and forfeiture of pay - Third Offence, Term in office terminated and forfeiture of all pay and allowances to include any retirement accumulated.

8. All contributions, no exceptions, all contributions are submitted to an independent Credit Union (Not a Bank), for equal distribution to the political parties during election periods. This money is held in a special account and all interest gained on a quarterly basis goes to fund Social Security and Medicare.

9. All individuals holding an elected political position are required to register with Tri-Care and submit to the same standards as applied to Active Duty and Retired Veterans. No special provisions for accelerated appointment system will be established, they must use the same appointment system established. There will be no in house residencies, all individuals should report to the same military unit in their local area. If they live 40 or more miles from the nearest installation then they are not eligible for Tri-Care Prime and must reduce their options to Tri-Care Standard or pay additional fees to secure a more expensive health care provider such as BC/BS.

10. Both the Senate and Congress will provide funding to immediately implement Federal Voter registration along with Federal voting facilities. - Requiring a valid identification card issued upon filing individual taxes. - Voting Facilities will be operated by the military, along with armed security forces to ward off all, White Supremists, Black Panthers, Muslim Extremists, all denominational gangs and the UN. -  Never Eliminate the Electoral Vote - We can never rely on only the popular vote as that would give big states, for example, California, Illinois and New York a far greater unfair advantage to the smaller states.

11. Military installations will be constructed along the Northern and Southern borders of the United States and will have the sole responsibility of providing border security. - Current Border Patrol will be merged with the military as a civilian workforce - Patrols will be conducted daily utilizing the newest military weapons and equipment. - A 3 mile clear zone will be established and monitored by armed drones. - Current border crossing stations will be converted to military installations strictly for border crossing procedures.

12. Congress and Senate shall pass a law that institutes: - Prayer back into our schools - Pledge of Allegiance to the United States back into our schools - Individuals who object can stand in the hallway during these periods.

13. All future taxes collected for Social Security and Medicare are restricted to be used to pay any Government liability. - All funds are placed into a Credit Union, again, not a bank, and all interest gained remain in the account. - Audits are conducted semi annually with a report issued by the President of the United States issued to each registered voter.